As I continue to do my part to make sure that our history is known and that our children get some type of enlightenment. Today I reflect on the life of Ralph Abernathy.

Ralph Abernathy was born in Linden, Alabama on March 11, 1926, he was a leader of the American Civil Rights Movement. Ralph Abernathy was also a personal friend of the late Martin Luther King Jr, as they shared dual roles in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Ralph at a young age enlisted in the United States Army and rose to the rank of Platoon Sergeant before earning an honorable discharge as a result of his bout of rheumatic fever in Europe. He also attended Alabama State University and because an ordained minister in 1948 and also received a BS in Mathematics from Alabama State University. He also went on to earn a Master of Science degree in sociology from Atlanta University. Ralph Abernathy was very instrumental in the Bus Boycott and after Martin Luther King was killed he lead a march to support striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee. Ralph Abernathy died at the age of 64 in Atlanta of complications from two blood clots that traveled to his heart and lungs. Ralph Abernathy, was a true hero in every meaning of the world and will be remembered for his man contributions to the world.

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