We have some of the greatest talent the world has seen and more and more, our local talent is coming to the forefront.  First Joshua Ledet and now LaGrange Senior High School Choir!!!!  KPLC TV reports, LaGrange Senior High School plans to make a minor change to its curriculum next fall.  That being, a musical theater class that will combine its current drama and choir classes.

After it's said and done, their gonna have a real life "Fame" going on over there!  That wouldn't be a bad thing either.  Speaking of which, musical dramas have always been super popular, from back in the day with "Fame" and "Dirty Dancing" to more recently with "Save the Last Dance", "Dream Girls", "Glee" to the new hit on NBC "Smash."






La Grange Music Director, Janie Belinda Williams told KPLC,  "They've seen Hairspray, Dream Girls, some of Tyler Perry's plays and musicals and I think they love them and I think them having an opportunity to do it will be a really great experience for them and a teachable moment for them too."

Sponsored by the hit NBC musical drama "Smash", LaGrange entered a national competition to make a musical.  More than a thousand schools nation wide participated.  Two weeks ago that number was narrowed down to 30 and low and behold, LaGrange Senior High School found themselves in the top 30! How amazing is that?!   All their hard work has paid off.

LaGrange drama teacher Shelly Buller told KPLC "The kids were excited. They have been asking us for years to do a musical. This gave us an opportunity because we have support, we have backing, encouragement, so we're really excited about putting this on for our community."

LaGrange Senior High School Junior Traevon Anthony said "We've come a long way, since my freshman year, building up the drama department and I've been with the drama department since building it up.  We've come a long way, since my freshman year, building up the drama department and I've been with the drama department since building it up,

By the way, as a finalist, LaGrange  will be able to select a musical production of their choice to perform.  They gotta little ways left to go though, because they now need to make the top 10.  If the walk away with a win, LaGrange will get a $10 grand to make their own musical and on top of upgrades to their auditorium and for costumes and props.

KPLC reports Junior Kristen Ellis said "It makes me feel hopeful that we might actually get the money to do something really nice." while Junior Jahson Albert said,"It's an honor to be able to do that and it's just awesome."

What to get involved?  There is a way that we can help them achieve this wonderful experience.  Voting for the top 10 has begun. Right now the Gators are not in the top 10, but voting continues until May.  To vote click here and select Junior Theater Project.

Good luck LaGrange!  We're pulling AND and voting for ya!