50 Cent joined Hostelworld in a MTV Cribs meets "In Da Club" advertisement for one of the hostels in Barcelona, Spain.

Hostels are a great option for young travelers on a budget. But some shy away from the shared-living lifestyle because the idea of sharing a room with people you don't know can be questionable. But Hostelworld.com is showing people that staying in a hostel can actually be a really cool experience in their new online commercial.

In the video, the G-Unit mogul opens the door and welcomes the cameras in to show exactly how to get the most bang for your buck in a hostel. He brings them through the lounge, pool and club, while candidly interacting with the guests. Then shows the viewers the different room options of tour bus inspired bunks for large groups, and private rooms “where the magic happens” for individuals.

“Now get out of here," 50 ended. "Go meet the world.”

“We are so happy to have converted 50 Cent into a hostler - he’s found the best way to live like a millionaire without having to part with crazy amounts of money in the process," said Hostelworld chief marketing officer Otto Rosenberger on the hilarious ad.

50 Cent is the second celebrity,  following former boxing champion Chris Eubank, to star in a Hostelworld.com ad.

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