You may have heard there is a shortage of certain food items or seen some shelves at local grocery stores that are looking a little bare. Unfortunately, you are not alone and we have been here before as a country during the pandemic.

U.S. Department of Agriculture as seen in the tweet

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022 sparked a second round of food shortages mainly because Ukraine is one of the world's leading providers of corn. We all have noticed that prices have skyrocketed out of control. For example, eggs! A dozen of eggs went from $2 to double the cost of $4.

A recent article on food shortages by the Daily Mail reports things will likely get 'Things will get worse before they get better.' Items like baby formula, vegetable oil, bread, and even canned pet food and champagne. Consumers are now being warned to be cautious of shrinkflation, because it's having everywhere.

Yes, it is an actual thing! It's when food companies advertise an item is being sold at a lower price when you are actually paying the same price for a lesser amount. Wall Street Journal reports companies are passing on the price because they are paying more.

The following 8 foods are expected to get harder to find.

1. Beef

2. Lettuce

3. Canned drinks and foods

4. oranges

5. Sunflower and palm oil

6. Bread and other wheat products

7. Corn

8. Champagne

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