Many of you may remember Bill Duke as the intimidating Investigator with Cain in Menace II Society with the infamous line, "You know you done "F" up." However, I remember him in Car Wash as Abdullah along with Richard Pryor in one of his memorable roles. Well, he is about to be featured in a new movie that will debut on HBO Max on July 1 titled No Sudden Move. He'll be starring alongside Don Cheadle and Benecio Del Toro. The movie promises to be packed with lots of action and great cinematography with Director Steven Soderbergh leading the way.

Tune in to The Afternoon Jump Off this afternoon around 6:20pm. I'll be interviewing the man live with, and we will talk about the new movie as well as his great contributions to movies like Deep Cover, Sister Act 2, and Not Easily Broken. I love having the chance to talk with movie directors, as I get to pick their brains about some of their favorite movies and experiences throughout their careers.

We will also get a chance to talk about something new he is presenting called YOUNITE Network. This is a platform focused on comfort, education, and entertainment. Make sure you tune in this afternoon and also check out No Sudden Move to kick off your Fourth of July weekend in a major way.

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