Today in Tha Wire best known for his role as the L.A. cop Julien Lowe in the FX TV series "The Shield," Michael Jace, was convicted Tuesday for murdering his wife in 2014. Police responded to a call of domestic violence and arrived at his home in the Hyde Park area of L.A. on May 19.  Jace placed to call to 911 himself and told the operator, "I shot my wife." When officers arrived on the scene they discovered, 53-year old, April Jace, dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Michael Jace with his wife April at a premiere in 2004- photo by Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

Police took the former actor into custody, where he was detained until being arrested and booked for the murder of his wife the next day.  May 22, 2014, Michael Jace was formally charged with murder by the Los Angeles County D.A. and he's been in custody since ever since then.  During the murder trial, the truth behind the shooting came out.  Apparently the actor thought his wife was seeing someone else and was upset that she wanted a divorce.  30 minutes before calling 911, Jace shot his wife several times in front of their two sons, who were 5 and 8 years old at the time.

Michael Jace in court - photo Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

Yesterday the once celebrated actor, was found guilty and convicted of second degree murder.  Now he's looking at 40 to life.  His sentencing will take place next week on June 10.  The sad thing is, people who commit these crimes NEVER consider the children. The Jace kids lost both of their parents in one day.  All they have now is the memory of watching their father murder, their mother to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

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