Amber Rose is still riding high on that 15 minutes of fame as she recently appeared on Larry King Live to talk Wiz, MGK and more during  this brief interview.


Larry King Talks With Amber Rose:

Apparently there may be a little friction with Kanye and Drake as recently Kanye was invited to Drake's birthday party, but Amber was also invited as well. Kanye apparently left before they even saw each other. That only adds fuel to the fact that they are not good at all. There is a little friction there, but they are adults and you would think that they could work this out eventually. But then again, do they really need to.


Amber is preparing to release a book soon that is suppose to empower females and she is also coming out with a movie sometime in the near future. She is obviously utilizing the small fame that she is currently seeing and I am sure those child support checks are not a bad look either. Can we all just get along?