Amber Rose still has hope for her relationship with 21 Savage, many believe to be in jeopardy. She says as much during a recent appearance on Big Boy's Neighborhood.

Speaking with the eponymous, California-based show-host earlier today (March 23), Rose makes it clear she's still got feelings for the Atlanta rapper while saying they're going to try to work out their issues. "You know, Big Boy, to be in a relationship in general is very difficult, in general," Rose says. "To be famous in a relationship is even more difficult."

She goes on to explain that the over-exposure of celebrity leads to celeb couples sifting through information from outside forces and arguing over things they wouldn't otherwise. With that being said she's not ready to say she's a single woman.

"For me to say that I'm single means I wanna go out and find something else—like I'm ready to mingle, and I'm not," Rose reveals. "My heart is still with him, so, you know, I mean, hopefully we can work it out. But if we can't, the love is still there so we'll hopefully be able to be friends."

In her own words, Rose and 21 are going through a "rough patch." Interested fans might have drawn some conclusions from the fact that Rose and 21 unfollowed each other on social media. Rose says their mutual unfollowing works out because it gives them a chance to focus on themselves and get the internet out of their business.

Elswhere in the interview, Rose says she and 21's kids have a special bond. "Our kids love each other as well. Like, our sons play together—they're 19 days a part. My baby asks for his son literally everyday. He's like, 'I wanna go to Atlanta, I wanna play with Komari.'"

In a funnier note, Big Boy asks if Rose still has any of 21 Savage's underwear, alluding to her earlier comments about sniffing his drawls. She confirms that she does. "I still sniff 'em," she says. "I was just sniffing 'em before I got here, like, I miss this muthafucka. I miss him so much."

Watch the entire interview below. Rose begins speaking on 21 at the 12:09 mark. Check out BlocBoy JB and 21 Savage's new video for "Rover 2.0" when you're done with that.

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