The ever opinionated Amber Rose sat down for an in-depth, entertaining interview The Fallen State YouTube show and shared some interesting thoughts about Kanye West and Donald Trump.

After saying that her two year romantic relationship with Kanye was a "fun time," the conversation inevitably turned to the rapper's love for Trump.

“When I first seen Trump on the podium and running for president, I was like, ‘Oh my god that is Kanye in a white man’s body,'” Rose admits around the 5:09 minute mark. “I really felt like they have the same personality, like completely the same personality.

She says that she likes to think Kanye and Trump's relationship has some sort of deeper purpose.

“I would like to think — and this is hypothetically — I would like to think Kanye met with Trump and Trump said, ‘Look, I seen these people and I knew they were going to vote for me and I used them to get elected, and I can’t tell nobody that ’cause I wanna get a second term but now that I’m in office, I really want to make a change," she said.  “Now Kanye can’t snitch on him, he can’t snitch on himself, so maybe he’s thinking of the greater good of what Trump can do for the country. That’s what I’m assuming.”

Nevertheless, she still thinks Trump is a "sexual predator" and says she hopes that Melania divorces him and becomes an activist.

You can check out the interview above.


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