I remember back when I was working at T-91 back in my hometown. This was the big station and if you had the chance to work here, you really were known around the city and were the man or woman around town. My mentor, Steve Poston, who is still one of my best friends to this day, came in one day and told me I was gonna have an interview. I was already nervous when he told me, but then he told me who it was: Prince Markie Dee from The Fat Boys.

Man, my heart started racing as this was one of my favorite groups at the time. From Krush Groove to Disorderlies, these guys were the epitome of Hip Hop for me. They had recently disbanded, and Markie Dee had gone solo and had just signed a big deal with Tommy Motolla.

I got all of my questions together for Prince Markie Dee and we talked about the old days of his career and his new album he had released called Trippin Out. He was excited about the new movement and talent he was working with. He dropped unknown names (at the time) like Mary J Blige, Father M.C, Jodeci, and others.

The interview lasted about fifteen minutes. We never got to talk again, as he blew up from there and the rest is history. He also dabbled in the radio side of it and did great from Miami radio to Satellite, recently hosting an afternoon weekday show on LL Cool J's Rock The Bell Radio. He passed away over the weekend at the age of 52. The cause of death hasn't been determined, but he is going to be sorely missed.

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