While we are stuck in Phase Two for at least the next few weeks, I have to wonder how you feel about moving around again in the city. I have to admit, since the shutdown back in March, I didn't really go anywhere aside from work for the full three months.

Sure, I would stop and pick up something for lunch occasionally, but I didn't go to any restaurants or establishments. I didn't even go to Walmart or local stores until mid-June. So how are you feeling about going out into the world again? I do feel like we are currently in the new norm. I don't see any safe events with a mass group of people without the proper precautions, and with the COVID-19 still on the rise in many situations, I don't see this going away any time soon. I have lost friends to the coronavirus and have seen just as recent as this weekend comedian DL Hughley faint on stage because of it.

I commend the businesses that are doing everything they can to make things safer for us all, but there is still some doubt when it comes down to it. Hughley didn't have any symptoms and literally fainted on stage from exhaustion and dehydration.

My wife and I were supposed to go out this weekend for my Father's Day dinner, and I really opted not to go. While I had some doubts myself, I knew she really wasn't all the way comfortable, but was willing to make the sacrifice because it was my favorite spot. I highly recommend we still follow the guidelines, and I need to see more people wearing masks in public places. We are far from over this, and we need to protect ourselves and others.

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