According to WorldStarHipHop, an Arizona man is accusing a movie theater of racial profiling, after he failed to show a security officer his ticket stub to prove he belonged in the theater. In the video, Larry Shelton, claims he went to the restroom and to re-fill his beverage. He then returned to the theater only to be accosted by security.

Shelton was asked to leave after he wouldn't produce his ticket stub, which he retrieved after police were called. The officers choose not to get involved stating it was a civil matter, and the theater had the right to ask him to leave and to also refuse a refund, which they did.

After watching this video, I've concluded this situation could have been avoided had Shelton just shown security his ticket stub. Maybe, because of their error they may have offered him a refund or a voucher of some sort to make up for the mistake. He choose to make a scene, even though the ticket stub was in his pocket the whole time. I would have asked him to leave as well for making a scene and interrupting the others who may have been in the theater trying to enjoy the movie.

This video just looks like a case of clout chasing gone wrong.

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