As previously reported, B.B. King's daughters Karen Williams, Patty King and Rita Washington, have been very vocal about their father allegedly being taken advantage of, from his manager Laverne Toney blowing his money, isolating him from his family to the singer receiving less than adequate care prior to his death.  Mrs. Williams even went as far as filing suit against the Blues legends longtime manager.

However, as far as being neglected King's lawyer Brent Bryson told the Associated Press that three doctors determined that King was appropriately cared-for, with 24-hour care and monitoring by medical professionals, "up until the time that he peacefully passed away in his sleep."

By the way Laverne Toney is not only B.B. Kings manager, but his Power-Of Attorney and was also named in his will as executor of his estate, which is worth tens of millions of dollars.  In the meantime the Associated Press reports the King children are now accusing Toney and B.B. Kings personal assistant Myron Johnson of poisoning their father.

Williams and King said their family wasn't allowed to see their father during his last days. They told the press, Toney and Johnson were the only ones by their fathers side at the time of death on May 14 and believe they had something to do with it.

Williams said, “I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances."  Natually Toney rejects her claims saying, “They’ve been making allegations all along. What’s new?”

There's only one way to find out and on Sunday (May 18) the iconic singers body was shipped from the mortuary to the Clark County Corners's office.  John Fudenberg said an autopsy was performed and while we wait on the outcome, he said his examination didn't turn up any evidence of murder or foul-play.  So far, Las Vegas police Lt. Ray Steiber, says there's no plans for a homicide investigation.

When questioned further by CNN, Fudenberg simply confirmed the autopsy had been performed, saying "The family has made some allegations. I can't go into specifics." He added "We were contacted by several of the family members' legal counsel. They were making allegations of foul play. "Our investigation will not prohibit or delay the services they have planned.

Speaking of which, the legendary Blues singer was laid to rest with a public viewing has been scheduled to take place at the B.B. King Museum in Indianola, Mississippi. Funeral services will take place the following day.

Can you say drama?  Something tells me this is far from over.  Don't worry I'll keep you posted.

Finally, Cash Money rap mogul Brian "Baby" Williams aka Birdman, was recently hit with a lien for owing Uncle Sam some major dough.  According to TMZ the IRS recently put a freeze on BIrdman's assets after slapping him with two federal tax liens.

Reportedly, one was imposed last year in December and the other this year in February for not paying an alleged total of $1,942,400.58 in back taxes.  Of course if you have the kind of money Birdman has, that $1.9 does absolutely nothing to affect his lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, before the story could make it's way to the news he's already paid it off.

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