In January 2014 we saw the killing of teenager Mike Brown and felt a drop in our stomach to see another teen be shot dead by Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson and the world was truly saddened by what had happened. What followed was the wake up call that the world needed to see. A lot of the media tried to make Mike Brown look bad and really painted him in a negative light.

The creator behind the documentary called "Stranger Fruit" that is currently available on Video On Demand and Itunes. It will be dropping in June on Starz and then the rest of the world will be able to see it. Director Jason Pollock who started with film maker Michael Moore and Mike Browns mother Lezley McSpadden also joined in on the discussion and it really opened our eyes on the cover up after the murder.

Lexley McSpadden & Jason Pollock Talk the Killing Of Mike Brown:

Check out the trailer for the documentary and while you're listening to music in your I tunes store, make sure you check out the movie as it really sheds light on the murder and how those who were higher up tried their best to cover up this crime.


Stranger Fruit Trailer:

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