It's hard to accomplish a lot when your only 5 months old, that is unless your name is Blue Ivy Carter.  Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby girl will probably always be in the lime light because of who her parents are. 


However, recently it's come to light that little Blue has some pull of her own.  An island her parents visited prior to her birth has had a tourist boost thanks to the Hip-Hop couple spending some vacation time there  On top of that the islands trees wrapped in blue ivy have been getting some extra attention as well.  Here's a video of Beyonce standing next to one of these fascinating trees.



Scroll down and get more details on the island with today's Wire. In other news, the three year anniversary of Michael Jackson was on Monday of this week and even though he's gone, he's still making tons of dough. Several of his personal items went up for auction along with items from Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. Learn what those items were and find out how much they sold for and more.

Plus, get an update on 50 Cent's condition and find out when Trey Songz will be pushing out his next album.  It's all here.  To here Tha Wire press play now: 

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