Ok, it's super official.  VH1 has gone on record to announce the new cast of Basketball Wives Miami season 5.  People all I can say is, hold on for the ride!  Talk about drama, wow.  Season 5 is looking up to be very interesting.  In fact almost as interesting as the newest cast members on the show.

Richard Jefferson & Kesha Nichols
Charlie Bell & Kenya Bell

The two new ladies unfortunately, are bringing some luggage with them.  They both are damaged goods to a certain respect, with complicated pasts.  One of them sadly enough was arrested this past May for stabbing her husband.  Because of this, there's more than likely gonna be some head bumping going on.  Press play and get the scoop on the two ladies, plus find out how you can catch all of them in action tomorrow.

Bing Bar - Day 1 - 2011 Park City

Yesterday, shocking enough actor Terrence Howard's wife filed a restraining against him!  Wow, really?  Really.  Michelle Howard claims he can't keep his hands to himself and Terrence says she's lying.  Plus, he filed some papers of his own.


GOP Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain Gives Foreign Policy Address In Michigan

BET is gearing up to interview one of the most controversial black political figures of our time, Herman Cain.  Tomorrow Cain will go one on one with BET and ironically address the black audience for the first time since his rise and fall in the presidential race.  Press play to get the time and more details concerning this upcomin explosive interview.



Premiere Of Warner Bros.' "Fred Claus" - Arrivals

Ludacris and his daughter Karma have teamed up to launch an educational website for kids.  The site encourages kids like Karma to learn in an atmosphere of fun, offering academic lessons as well as ethical ones.  Press play now for more details on this and all of the above now to hear Tha Wire: 



LACMA's Art + Film Gala 2011 - Arrivals

During a recent visit on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Stevie Wonder revealed that he wants to compete on "Dancing With The Stars".  Don't get it twisted either.  Stevie said he hasn't participated in the show because of his blindness, but rather his weight. Blind or not, a brotha wants to look good.  Right now he feels with the extra weight he wouldn't look as good as he would like.

Stevie told Ellen "I'm losing weight.  When I get to where I feel like I'm gonna look good enough for what I wanna do, I'll do that."  Believe it or not Stevie considered joining the show back in 2008.  Anyway when Ellen reminded him that he didn't need to lose weight to be on the show, Stevie insisted that he would rather drop a couple pounds before he joins the competition.

If it ever goes down Stevie Wonder would be the first blind celebrity to appear on the hit ABC show, but not the first contestant with a disablity.  Actually, the very first disabled celebs to appear on the show was deaf actress Marlee Matlin and the now ex-wife of Beatles legend Paul McCartney amputee Heather Mills.  Both finished in seventh place in 2007 and 2008.

I don't know about you, but would love to see Stevie do the show.  Don't worry, whenever Stevie decides to join the join I'll keep you posted as always.

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