Today in Tha Wire in a shocking turn of events, TMZ reports legendary comedian/actor Bill Cosby was charged with felony sexual assault of former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand.  The charges stem from an alleged 2004 encounter, were Cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting her.  At the time, Constand was working as operations manager for the Temple women's basketball team.

According to reports, originally Montgomery County authorities worked her case.  After an investigation into her claims, they closed it due to a lack of evidence.  TMZ reports, Constand sued the Cos in 2005 and then settled under unspecified circumstances a year later. The 42-year old now works as a massage therapist in Ontario, Canada.

Given the hype of more than 50 women coming forward with similar claims against the legendary star, Constands case was reopened by District Attorney, Risa Vetri Ferman this year.  A new investigation, led to new evidence and that's what the felony charges are being based upon.

Ferman says the investigation revealed Bill Cosby gave Constand pills and wine at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania mansion.  Once under the influence she was unable to consent to sexual contact, which is something the D.A. says she rejected to twice in the past.

Just so happens, this particular incident was well within the statue of limitations laws Pennsylvania.  TMZ reports under Pennsylvania's 12-year statute of limitations for felony sex crimes, the D.A.'s office had until January 2016 to file a case based on Constand's claims.

FYI, Cosby has previously admitted to something going down between the two, but said it was consensual. However in new court filings this year Constand said she was in a relationship with a woman at the time, calling Cosby a "narcissist" who missed cues she's gay.

This not good for the Cos, who up until now, has never been charged with committing a sex crime against anyone.  If he's convicted the 78-year old entertainer is looking at 10 years in prison.  Below is a statement released by Constand's attorneys thanking the Montgomery D.A.'s office, detectives and police department for their work on the case.

Thanking them for their "consideration and courtesy. In that this matter is now being pursued in the criminal justice system, we will not comment further." They said of their client, "Obviously we appreciate the expression of confidence in her. We'll have to see what happens. We hope justice will be done. We will cooperate fully."

People Magazine reports an arrest warrant has already been issued for Cosby and he's expected to be arraigned later this afternoon. According to People the warrant comes two weeks after Cosby filed defamation lawsuits against several of his accusers.

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