We have all heard the story at one time or another about the brave and strong woman known as Harriet Tubman. There have been pictures of her and there have been stories told from many over the years, but this fall we will get the opportunity to hear and see the story in living color.

Harriet Tubman is played by actress Cynthia Erivo and while she is originally from the United Kingdom, she is playing the heck out of this role from just the trailer alone. Peep it out below.

"Harriet" - Official Trailer:

I anticipate that this movie is going to most definitely win an Oscar and if it is truly done right, it should be very educational and entertaining for the masses who will be watching the movie. It comes out in November and while it will be going against some stiff competition for the holidays, I recommend you getting the kids together and letting them get a lesson on true history.

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