Don't call it a come back, but it has been a minute since R&B diva Brandy's had any new music out.   On the charts right now is her new single with Chris Brown "Put It Down" and it's getting plenty of radio love.

The video dropped a few weeks ago and here's a look.

Pretty hot right?  The new album will be out in mid October and has production from a few "golden boy" producers as well.  The R&B songstress revealed that the LP will be titled Two Eleven and admitted that it's tittle has a double meaning.  Get all the details below with Tha Wire.

In other music news, speaking of Chris Brown.  There's been a ton of speculation that he and Rihanna are matching up tattoos again.  Back when the two were dating they got matching tats behind the ear.


Now it seems the two, even though apart are at it again.  When Rihanna's grandmother died earlier this year like anyone, she was devastated.  To pay tribute to her, she got a tattoo of the Egyptian Goddess Isis.


After she got the tattoo  Rihanna tweeted, "Goddess Isis - Complete Woman - Model for future generations - #GRANGRANDOLLY," she wrote on her Twitter Sunday. "Always in and on my heart."

Now people are trying to make a comparison in Chris Brown's new tattoos.  He has also recently added one to his chest.  However, his is the image of an airplane.

The other new ink is on his neck and is an image of a woman's face.  Of course everyone is speculating that it's Rihanna, but closes close to him are saying it's not true.  Is it just a coincidence?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

Chris Brown shows off the tracing of his soon to be new tattoo on-Twitter











The company who now famously brought Tupac back from the dead, at the Coachella Festival this year is going under. Plus, 2 Chainz is on top of the world.  This has definitely been his year.  He's come a long way since the Play N Skillz days.  He just dropped his highly anticipated debut solo album "Based on a T.R.U. Story" and it shot straight to the top of the charts.  His new single is "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West and here's the video.


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