On Friday, June 12, there was a carjacking report LCPD responded to which pertained to a stolen vehicle.The incident happened at Lowe's. When the officers arrived, they were informed by the victim that while she was sitting in her vehicle waiting on her husband, a young male approached and began knocking on the door.

She assumed the individual was an employee and proceeded to unlock the door. Once the door was unlocked, the individual entered the vehicle and demanded she exit. During the incident, the victim was able to retrieve her personal belongings. However, the suspect pulled off in the vehicle.

Approximately an hour later, the Orange County police department located the stolen vehicle, which had been involved in a crash. The driver was identified as a 14-year-old juvenile. He is currently facing criminal charges in Orange, Texas and Lake Charles for the carjacking. This is truly a sad time. I remember having a love for music and wanting to buy every new record that came out. I would go to my mother and grandmother to get money from them. However, at 14, I was working and able to buy what I wanted.

While times are truly hard for many of us now, we have to make sure our children know they don't have to resort to this. Not only will he potentially face some time, there will be countless dollars that will have to be paid for attorney fees. I hope a lesson is learned from this and this young man's future turns out to be prosperous in his years to come.

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