When you think of Cash Money, you usually think of Bryan "Baby" Williams, simply because he's more out spoken than his brother and because he's also an artist. 


His brother Ronald "Slim" Williams is usually the quiet guy, who enjoys keeping a low profile.  But that may be changing in the very near future because word has it, Slim just bought the biggest single family home in South Florida.  Not that he's talking about it, everybody else is.

According to the Miami Herald, the other co-founding member of the Cash Money empire purchased the 30,000 square-foot, 9 bedroom, 12-bathroom home in the triple gated community of Windmill Ranch.  The home sits on about four acres of Florida's prime real estate.  Here's a look at the monstrous crib.



Word has it, the crib was previously owned by Mattress Giant co-founder Richard Nilson.  Word also has it, Slim purchased the home for a cool 7.15 through a company called S Vision LLC.  Anytime your spending this kind of dough, your gonna get a ton of amenities.  Speaking of which, Slim's going to enjoy the indoor tennis court, wine room, movie theater, a 6,000 square foot multipurpose room, indoor and outdoor pools and much more.

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