Chance The Rapper's call to action worked. The "No Problem" rapper held a press conference on Friday (March 31) to announce that the Chicago Bulls matched his $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools. Chance also revealed the creation of his New Chance Arts and Literature Fund, which will begin in fall 2017.

The press conference delivered plenty of good news for the CPS. Chance noted that his Social Works non-profit organization raised $2.2 million since the MC first donated to $1 million to the CPS. Chance previously said Social Works would donate $10,000 to individual schools for every $100,000 they raised.

Chance's efforts to help the CPS were spurred on by his disappointing meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. The Chicago native's frustration inspired him to help out with his own money.

“Our kids should not be held hostage because of political position," Chance said at his previous press conference. "If the governor does not act, CPS will be forced to end school 13 days early, which means over 380,000 kids will not have adult supervised activities in June and could be placed in harm’s way. While I’m frustrated and disappointed in the Governor’s inaction, that will not stop me from doing all i can to help Chicago’s most valuable resource, Chicago’s kids."

Chance's donation certainly helped, but the young artist realized his hometown's schools needed much more. He hoped his actions would motivate others to assist the CPS.

“This check that I donated is a call to action," he said. "I’m challenging major companies in Chicago across the U.S. to donate and take action."

The Chicago Bulls answered Chance's call. Now, the Windy City rhymer needs more companies and organizations to follow the Bulls' lead.

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