Chief Keef has been ordered to serve two months for violating his probation by using a fire are in a taped interview.

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The 17-year old rapper born, Keith Cozart has been sentenced to two months at Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, Illinois for violation.  According to reports, Keef pleaded guilty  to avoid going to juvenile detention.  During the hearing he broke into tears several times.  However his tears didn't effect Judge Carl Anthony Walker one single bit.  Judge Walker refused to grant Keef clemency because of his "blatant violations of the court's order."

Prosecutors made their case in proving that Keef violated his probation by showing the judge a video of him shooting a gun in a interview at a gun range. Keef was on probation stemming from a previous incident where we pointed a gun at Chicago police officers.  As part of his probation, he was order to stay away from guns, gangs and drugs.  Prosecutors also targeted the 17-year-old for failing to complete his GED in time to meet a court order.  All of which was more than enough evidence for the judge to make his ruling.

Unfortunately, the rapper problems don't end there.  When he gets out of jail, he'll have to deal with a $75,000 lawsuit.  A concert promoter is now suing Chief Keef over a missed performance in the UK.

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In a recent report from AllHipHop, a Washington, D.C.-based promotion company called Team Major, LLC has hit the "Love Sosa" rapper with a lawsuit for repayment of the missed show and other damages.  According to reports, Keef was supposed to perform at the Indigo 02 Arena in London this past December 29, but never showed up.

To make matters worse, neither Chief Keef nor his label has offered any kind of explanation as to why he missed the performance.  As a result the company was force to refund all tickets sales, plus incurred additional expenses for security, the venue rental and more.  Because of that Team Major is seeking $75,000 in damages.