Chris Brown has had his share of up's and down's that's for sure.  As career seemed to be bouncing back from the issue with Rihanna, the bottle throwing fight occurred.


Now, as that appears to be kinda blowing over knew drama is on the horizon.  Ironically, he's being accused of not completing his community service.  Deputy D.A. Mary Murray seems to think Breezy, got off easy.  Find out what she's doing about it.  Also, Chris has some good news as well.  Get the scoop, skinny, mess and drama now.  Scroll down and press play.

This Friday marks the return of Ray Romano as Manny, Queen Latifah as Ellie, Dennis Leary as Diego and John Leguizamo as Sid in the fourth installment of the animated film "Ice Age: Continental Drift".  Here's a look at the movie trailer.




Meek Mill is blazing up the charts with his new single "Amen", so obviously people like it.  However, not everybody.  As a matter of fact, the Meek and his single have come under fire by a man of God who says the song is "blasphemy".  Get all the juicy details now.  Press play for Tha Wire: 

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