If they are, good for them.  Who am I to judge.  All evidence seems to be pointing that way. 

Chris Brown and Rihanna-facebook

From the very beginning I don't think they wanted to be apart.  However, there was a major legal issue at the center of everything.  After all, Chris got a tough lessen in the "Keep your hands to yourself" department.  Something, he is still paying for to this day.

Ever since Rihanna came out and said she still loves Chris and considers him her best friend to Oprah, momentum has been building on the two rekindling their relationship.  Now it is evident, that something is definitely going on.  Listen to Tha Wire below and hear what Chris told CNN last week. Meanwhile, here's Chris explaining the situation in his own words.

Nicki Minaj-getty Images

In other news, with all the drama going on behind the scenes and on the set of American Idol, you would think Nicki Minaj has enough on her plate.  But as it turns out, she's got plenty of energy.  She's actually gearing up for the re-up of her Pink Friday Roman Reloaded album as well as a massive tour in Europe.  Get the release date for the re-release of Pink Friday, plus the scoop on the new songs that will be included when the album drops.  It's all in Tha Wire below.

Gun Play

Also, in more news Gun Play is currently locked up.  As a matter of fact he's been all over the news lately for all the wrong reasons.  Starting with the brawl that took place in the parking lot of the Atlanta Civic Center.  Now, he's in jail and it couldn't have happened at a worse time for him because he was getting ready to perform at A3C Festival this coming weekend.  However, very unlikely according to his lawyer that he'll get out in time.  Find out why he's locked with Tha Wire.

Usher-getty images

Finally, Usher can breath easy now that he's won primary custody of his two sons, 4 yr old Usher Raymond V and 3 yr old Naviyd Ely Raymond.  He and his ex-wife Tameka will now have joint legal custody of the boys going forward.  Speaking of which, Ursh has his focus on family right now and has a message for his fans in Europe.  Get the scoop on that and all of the above with Tha Wire now.