Ice Cube has made it no secret that he wants Chris Tucker to bring "Smokey" out of retirement and do anther Friday movie.  We all want him to come back.  Well, Cube took his pleas directly to the fans this week. 





LOLLOLOLOLO!!!!!  Can you imagine, Smokey and Day-Day on the same screen?  OMG!  Come on Chris, come on back for old times sake.  Ice Cube kicked it on 106 & Park this week, find out what he said about the up comin Friday flick.  Press play to hear Tha Wire.

Tyler The Creator isn't your average brotha.  He's.......well, different.  He's been in the news latley for all the wrong reasons.  Recently, while ''being different" at a Gucci Mane concert he got himself choked out and thrown off the stage.  Check this out!



Killing part is, he didn't have enough since to be shame.  Lol!  He just came back like nothing happened!  Wow!


Anyway, in other news he's good now but, last year Young Jeezy wasn't sure he'd ever be able to talk again.  Jeezy underwent a "secret" throat surgery and recently talked about the whole experience.  Check out Tha Wire and find out what he had to do to get back to performing and what he's up to now.

Lately, MTV is gearing up to premiere a new Hip-Hop late-night talk show.  Though there's no word to who's going to host it or who'll be the first guests, they do have a date and time for when it's gonna air.  Press play now to hear all of today's juicy details.  Listen to Tha Wire: 



Kanye is being Kanye, and has reportedly banned all fashion critics from attending the upcoming preview of his second collection of DW Kanye West women's clothing in Paris.  I guess he was like, if you wanna talk trash, do it outside.

Unfortunately, his previous line didn't get much love the first go around on Paris catwalks last season.  So, he kinda keeping them at bay this time.  According to Eric Wilson, a New York Times fashion writer, "He canceled last minute, saying 'I don't know about this.  I got treated unfailrly by the press last time.  Why would I want to do this?'"  Ironically, critics were much nicer to his designs this time.  Rolling Stone's Colleen Nika approved, praising his improved tailoring.

By the way, in spite of the fact the Kanye and Taylor Swift haven't physically crossed paths since the now infamous speech at the 2009 VMA's, she's showing him some love.  In the April issue of Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Taylor is rocking Kanye's exclusive fashion line!  Taylor is sporting a shirt designed by Ye from his upcoming 2012 spring collection.





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