While Steve Harvey touches on plenty of topics including the serious ones and those not so serious. He recently had actress and singer Christina Milian to appear on the show and talk about making your booty bigger? I had to check this out and see what this really was about and also to find out if there would be any females taking her serious about what she was saying. There are plenty of exercises that you can do, but some ladies want to take the easy way out. Here is what Christina has to say about it and how it can benefit you.


Christina Milian appears on The Steve Harvey Show And Talks Wanting A Bigger


While the end turned out to be some wise words from Steve, it truly shows just how young ladies are swayed to want to get their bodies like everyone else. It's almost like there is no originality anymore with people and what's hot is what everyone wants to follow. Ladies just be yourself, if you're doing various exercises to get yourself in shape, then do it. But if there is any other reason, you should really think hard about it.

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