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Louisiana Byways invites the surrounding public to attend a local meeting about as the state readies for a new byway, The Louisiana Civil Rights Trail. This trail will share the story of what life was like living in Louisiana for African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. To recognize the impact of the movement, the achievements of those who fought for the equality of all people, identify historic places, sites and landmarks, and reveal what role the state and it's citizens played to advance the movement during this trying times in America during the 50's and 60's.

Ironically enough, Louisiana played a HUGE role in the Civil Rights Movement. Though passed in 1999 Louisiana lawmakers never earmarked a place nor the funding to put a museum in the state to recognize the role, the fight, the ugliness, the heros, sights, places, the historic changes that occurred in the state.

Now in 2019 the conversation has began, and there may be hope for Louisiana's Civil Right Museum. This meeting is open to all especially those Louisianians who participated in the movement, lived during the era, and are willing to share what they experienced with others. Louisiana Lieutenant Governor, Billy Nungesser explained the more info gathered at these meetings from citizens across the state, the more historic facts, significant events and relevant happenings can contribute to authenticate Louisiana's portion of the trail even further.

Acadiana News reported that Louisiana is one of several states to participating in this exciting national project across the country. Nungesser said 9 meetings will be held across the state in an effort to make sure nothing and no one is left out of this important project. The Lieutenant Governor continued, Alabama already has a strong Civil Rights connection adding, “We want that trail to continue through Louisiana and we are looking to identify sights around the state that are relevant to the civil rights movement.”

The statewide meetings will also provide an overview of this amazing project to area residents, along with Q & A platform to answer any questions as well. Nungesser added of the trail, “We are working with them to identify a building in New Orleans that would just be another asset in that whole opportunity for tourism for a Civil Rights trail.”

The meeting in Lake Charles will take place Wednesday, May 22, at the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance building located at, 4310 Ryan St., from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. For info contact Sharon Calcote, Louisiana Byways Director, at (225) 342-8146 or send an e-mail to scalcote@crt.la.gov.

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