Two weeks after J. Cole supported his national anthem-protesting activism, Colin Kaepernick has made a pretty substantive donation to the North Carolina rapper's Dreamville Foundation.

Darren Rovell reports Kaepernick donated $34,000 to Cole's nonprofit organization, which aims to provide opportunities for urban youth. The money will fund multiple projects for Cole's organization, and the controversial athlete will reveal those endeavors in the coming weeks. Bleacher Report says Kaepernick's latest donation has brought his monetary donations to $800,000—just $200,000 away from his goal of $1 million.

Kaepernick found himself at the center of a big controversy when he began protesting against police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem before every game last season. Now, he's found himself jobless, and many people believe his status as a free agent is due to his protest.

One team people believed might sign Kaepernick to their squad was the Baltimore Ravens. They ultimately decided against it, and during a recent concert in Maryland, Cole spoke out against the organization.

“Matter of fact, don’t y’all think that someone that got money, power and fame should be standing up for them type of shits?” Cole told the audience. “Baltimore, the shit that’s happening here, don’t you think that somebody should risk their whole livelihood and their whole life to talk about this shit? Even if it cost them their money, their job, their life? Don’t that sound like Colin Kaepernick? Don’t that sound like what he doing? And he trying to come to Baltimore, the city that seems to need that shit for real.”

Check out Rovell's breakdown of Kaepernick's donations in the tweet below.

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