Ok, this is just not cool.  Coolio was recently arrested over the weekend and ironically wound up at the same jail as his son.  It looks like Coolio's issue is rather minor, however his son is facing some serious charges.  Grtis Ivey is 22 years old and appeared along side his father in the reality show "Coolio's Rules".

Grtis Ivey Booking Photo

Now, it looks like he's broken a few rules the may lead to him serving some serious time.  Find out how the two of them wound up in the same prison and what lead to their arrests.  Press play to get all the surprising details with Tha Wire.

Bobbi Kristina handled herself with grace during last nights interview with Oprah.  During the special, Bobbi, her aunt and uncle (Whitney's brother) all spoke about what life is like without Whitney and how they're all coping with her untimely death.




Didn't get a chance to see it?  I got news for you.  Listen to Tha Wire and hear what Bobbi had to say and learn how you can catch a re-run of the interview.  Listen to Tha Wire now.

Plus, he's been in the news before, making shocking allegations that Suge Knight was behind Biggies death and now former LAPD Detective Greg kading says someone else did it.  Kading has wrote a book and details his dealings with the Christopher Wallace case and claims that he not only knows who killed Biggie, but how much they were paid and who hired them.

Here's today Wire, press play!: 



Everybody know's Lil Wayne is a skateboard B.  He has skateboard ramps on stage with him these days and rolled out an entire clothing line defecated to the skateboard  fanatic called Trukfit.  Now, he's taking his love for the sport to another level by teaming up with soft drink giant Mountain Dew to build a state of the art skate park in New Orleans!

Weezy's manager, Cortez Bryant said " We are excited to partner Lil Wayne's brand with a brand like Mountain Dew, a household name.  Representatives from the Glu Agency approached us with the idea over a year ago, which was surprising to us because corporate America is often very conservative and Lil Wayne is a unique artist."

It's gonna be out of this world is Weezy has anything do with it.  The only thing is, there's no word on where in the city the park will be build or when it will be finished.  However, the project does have a name...."DEWeezy"

on that I will keep you posted.  The partnership with Wayne


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