The response was overwhelming yesterday, as many came out to show support to our champions. We were able to celebrate eleven championships right here in Lake Charles, which is unheard of in many places. Sean Ardoin, who is truly an innovator in the city and someone who really cares about his community, spearheaded the event. He was able to secure various sponsors and organizations that didn't hesitate to come together for our children.

Yesterday, we were able to honor students from Barbe, Lagrange, Lake Charles Prep, and St. Louis. With the year we have had, it was truly overwhelming for many of us, and these kids brought the sunshine to our city. The city is officially renamed the Championship City, and I think this is more than a rightful title for what these students did for not only their schools, but also for our area.

However, the real closer for the evening was having Cupid come through with a surprise performance. This multi-platinum artist and performer came through and graced the stage. Of course, he performed his hit single Cupid Shuffle, but he also showed the students how to Flex. Check out some footage from Cupid himself and some of the players from the event yesterday.

Thanks to Cupid, Sean Ardoin, and all of the great sponsors for shining light on our community. When I tell you we always come together after adversity, I believe having eleven championships to our name is a pretty big honor to be proud of.

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