Today in Tha Wire it's no secret that Hip Hop and it's artists have been influencing pop culture for decades.  The popular slang terms derived from the genre' have not only become socially acceptable and a part of everyday speech, but linguistically cool enough to be recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Over the past 20 years words like: "Bling Bling," "bootylicious,"  "hot mess," and "cray cray" have all made their debut into the dictionary bible if you will, for the English speaking language.   Words like those above are now bonafide words, with actual definitions and all thanks to their popularity.  I guess it's safe to say the English language has come a very long way from, "where art tho?"  Now it's more like, "that woman is cray, cray" or "I got hot sauce in my bagswag."

Now is steppin up their digital vocal and announced they have updated their word base to include more than 300 new words.  These new additives, have shaped the last decade in Hip Hop, Pop culture, the POTUS election of 2016, news, newly formed social organizations and more.

According to the news words, terms, slogans and political groups formed over the last years like: Black Lives Matter and alt-right have found a home in the dictionary.  Pop culture words like: Man bun, bitchface and smackdown are now etched in as real English language.  Then there's the latest Urban/Hip Hop slangs like: Dabbing, slay and struggle bus to add some extra coolness to the English lango.

Yeah, America is getting more hip these days.  Deal wit it!  For more on new terms and phrases, click here.  For all things entertainment check out Tha Wire every weekday and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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