Hopefully it's not true, but several reports have surfaced that Rick Ross may have suffered another seizure.  The alleged indecent occurred over the weekend prior to a concert.  According to reports Rozay has canceled two concerts because of illness.

Allegedly his doctors are confirming the seizure, however there are conflicting reports that something else occurred prior to at least one of the shows.  Get all the details now with Tha Wire.

In other news, for the moment Lil Wayne is being accused of sicking his entourage on a photographer after he refused to stop taking photos of him.  Ironically the alleged indecent took place in a church parking lot.  Find out what TMZ has to say about the matter and what the photographer is saying led to his alleged beat down.  Listen to Tha Wire now.

Finally, Jennifer Hudson has bounced back as much as humanly possible as far as dealing

with the murders of her mother, brother and nephew.  Now, the accused killer William Balfour is getting ready to stand trial.  Find out what he's looking at in the way of time if found guilty.  Learn if Jennifer plans to attend, testify and more right now.  For today's juicy entertainment news, press play now to here Tha Wire; 


For minute it looked as if Beanie Sigel was gonna make a major career comeback this year, but it could all be derailed by a pending prison sentence this week.  The rapper is scheduled to be sentenced to prison on Thursday of this week, for failing to report his taxes.

In August of last year, Sigel plead guilty to failing to file his taxes from 2003-2005, on more than $1 million worth of income.  His lawyers, however are looking to contest that amount.  Non the less, according to government records he owed a total of $348,000.

Because of that he could be looking at three years.  Meanwhile, on a much brighter note he's preparing to release a mixtape, "The Classic" full of all-new material sometime next week.