If you are a follower of Sway in the morning. You are familiar with the way things are set up on the show. There are not many cookie cutter moments on the show and he believes in representing the culture of hip hop with the best of the best. He is also known to shut down those who are not bringing their "A" game to the table.

DJ Drama along with his partner in crime Don Cannon introduced the world to Lil Uzi Vert who is known for stage diving and selling out shows all over the place. Well they have a new kid on the block who recently signed to the duo's label Generation Now. The artist is named Jack Harlow and while looks are generally always deceiving. The young emcee from Kentucky stepped into Sway's Universe to see if he could handle the 5 Fingers of Death and I'll let you take a look for your self

He's also got a new album out that's available now on i tunes called "Gazebo" and showcases his talents and some of the other artist that he is working with in the near future. While I am not as wowed as I was with the introduction of Eminem. I will admit that he has some serious potential on etching his mark on the hip hop sound.

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