There was a popular online joke a few years ago, where if someone had on an unpopular shoe, they would be asked, "What are those?" I am sure there are some in the audience who are asking the same thing about this picture.

More like, "What is this?" That's right, I found this over the weekend. It was a VHS tape, which was used for another extinct item, the VCR. I remember when the movie Purple Rain came out and being a huge Prince fan, I wanted to own that movie. I went to the video store and bought it for almost $100.00. I remember watching that movie over and over and over. However, I own the Blu-ray now, and it's saved in my Prime account.

I can only imagine having to sit around and tell the millennials about a VHS. It's something that you would be doing a high school report on now. While doing a little cleaning up, this definitely brought back memories of how it used to be back in the day. I still think about date night and going to the video stores on a Friday and trying to pick out a movie. Those were the good old days. Where have they gone?

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