I saw this video over the weekend, and it had to be the cutest thing that I saw. Now the saying is that the dog is man's best friend, and I think I would have to agree. They seem to always know when you're having a bad day, and they know just when you need a little attention. However, sometimes it's in the wrong place.

This dog is obviously in love with his toy; he plays with it everyday and loves on it like its one of his own puppies. Well, what do you think happened when he looked up and saw that his toy was now real and full sized? You can not watch this video and not be moved by what you see.

While I have had plenty of dogs, I don't currently own one. But I think I'll be getting another one soon. This is something great to see online when all we are faced with is politics and negative videos promoting violence and silly events. If you have a dog, show your dog some love and pay close attention to what holds their attention. You might actually be surprised at what that is.

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