The dog owner in the video above comes home from work to find his German Shepherd's have ransacked the kitchen with trash taken from a visible garbage can. He doesn't let them get by without picking it up either. Though the video is NSFW due to the language in the video, it's still absolutely hilarious as he literally grabs the dogs front paws and makes them both pick the trash up and put in back into the garbage. He ends the video with "Pick this s**t up, it's not that hard. Ya'll German Shepherd's, ya'll smart!" Lol!

German Shepherd dogs are one of the smartest on earth, but picking up trash isn't quite their thing. I own an 8-month-old pup, Alex, and trust me, other than fetching objects he doesn't like to pick up after himself until I give him a command. Most of the time I'm out in the yard picking up poop, and fetching toys because he either got tired of chasing them or simply got bored. Don't get me wrong he's a great guard dog, but can be stubborn at times. Then again, he's still a puppy, and I'm constantly working with him to be better at taking commands.

I can side with the man's frustration, especially today (May 16, 2017), as I stood and watched from a window my dog chewing the entrance of his brand new dog house as if he doesn't have a kennel full of chew toys. I basically purchased him a hundred dollar chew toy.

Lord help me.

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