According to a video posted on September 3, 2019, to the YouTube account of Metaire, La. based personal injury lawyer Glenn McGovern, an officer with the Lake Charles Police Department lost control of his K9 as it attacked an innocent woman.

Lake Charles PD loses control of one of their K9s as he attacks an innocent woman! All charges against the woman were dismissed. - Glenn McGovern, Youtube

WARNING: The video is graphic and may be hard to watch for some.

I don't know much about this incident outside of social media chatter and reposts of the video. McGovern did state that charges against the woman were dropped.

After watching the video, you can hear the dog's handler breathing heavily from his attempts to restrain the dog. It's also clear the woman did evade officers, to which one of two additional officers, seen at the end, asks her "Why'd you even run?" You can hear the woman plea with officers for the dog to let her go as she's commanded at different moments to "roll on her stomach", "get off", and "stop moving". The commands, heard throughout the video, come as officers also attempt to hand cuff her while she's still being attacked by the dog. Regardless, and considering the woman was on the ground when the officer and K9 located her, I didn't see anything that warranted being further subdued by the dog, but that's simply my opinion.

After watching the clip, what are your thoughts?

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