Can I tell you about the many times that we have had an alligator or two in our yard here at the radio station. Let's just say that is not something you want to run across if you are not prepared for it. As a matter of fact I don't think that you can really be prepared. I remember one time we were on the way to see Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and others in Houston and Third Coast Radio was on the air. The crew saw an alligator right at the front door of the building.

They took a picture and put it on Facebook and I have to admit from then on I have been very cautious when I walk out the door leaving to go home. Well this man was walking his dog and luckily enough a neighbor warned him before he got to close to his door that an Alligator was there and was ready to attach. They eventually got some trappers over to help out and the video below is what came out of it.


Alligator Is Caught In The Front Yard:

All I can say is that I have alot of friends in Florida and Alligators or like stop signs out there. You should be careful and by no means should attempt to capture one by yourself. I am glad the guys got things taken care of and got the gentlemen into his home safely.

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