CNN reports former Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, announced he is going to endorse Donald Trump today.

I must say I'm not surprised.  This isn't the first time the former GOP candidate made headlines in the last couple of weeks.  Carson said President Barack Obama, was a sellout, that the POTUS wasn't "black enough" and didn't have a real "black experience."

People PLEASE understand this post is all about my personal opinion.  That being said here is my take on the election and the candidates.  First let it be known that I am a Democrat and proud of it!  Even still, it's always good to look at the other side and see what they have to offer.

To be totally honest, in the beginning I liked to hear Trump talk. Cause he's crazy and says crazy stuff.  In the beginning, I was interested in what EVERYONE of the GOP candidates had to say, especially Dr. Ben Carson.  Not because he was black either. See, I'm not a person of color who'll vote for someone because their black.  To me, Carson, had a more logical way of seeing things.  His sense of calm was interesting and made me consider him being a good negotiator.  A person with who could keep a cool head in tense situations.  Then I thought with him being a minority, he would also have a good sense of balance and compassion for others around the world (not just African Americans.)

However, when that fool went on TV talking about he was "blacker" than President Obama....I lost all respect for him.  It was an ignorant statement (for a person of any color to say) that had nothing to do with running for president.

So has the world go crazy???  Nah, not really.  But it is one of the craziest Presidential elections I've ever seen.

As for Donald Trump, in my opinion, he's doing what comes natural.  TALK.  He has always been a BIG talker. He's used to saying what he wants, because he has more money the average person. There is no consequence for talking crap when your a billionaire.  Take one second and think about it.  When do you think he's ever heard NO? When a person can have or buy whatever they want, whenever they want, they tend to be on the arrogant side.  This is just a fact.  Trump is the essence of vanity and arrogance.  A person like Trump has a lot YES men, who'll do or say anything to stay or get on the payroll.

I do think he's smart, business wise.  He also knows a thing or two about budgets.  But make him the President of the United States of America????  As is put him in charge of the "RED" button...hell no.  We don't need a smart ass entertainer for President.  We need a level headed, creative and compassionate commander and chief that knows what it is to be at the bottom and the top of the food chain.  Someone with good social skills and a wiliness to cooperate for the sake of others.

Trump is an entertainer, a reality show star and real estate mogul.  That's it.  He's simply doing what he's always done...ENTERTAIN.  I totally get him.  I understand that he's doing what he's always done, talk a lot of mess. However, the danger of his rhetoric is a lot of people are buying the bull**** tickets he's selling.  That's the only thing that makes him dangerous.  It's a scary thought, to think that he could possibly have a chance at being the President of The United States of America.

With that. If there was ever a time to open our eyes, now is the time to WAKE-UP people.  We the, yellow, brown, white, rich, middle-class, poor, young, old, gay, straight, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Baptist...have the power to shut all this TALKING down.  We must stand together as the great nation of immigrants that we are and vote.  It's just that simply.  EVERYONE in America originally came here on a boat, in search of freedom and the right to practice our religious beliefs (except for the Indians who were already here and the Africans who were stolen).  We the people, all want a right to live in peace.  We the people, want a right to work and provide for our families. We the people, are the majority and no matter how we all got here...we're here now and we make America great.

Make no mistake though.  Those who seek division, those who harbor bigotry, those full of hate understand voting is the only way they will get what they want.  Those who seek to control what you can and can not have, those who think they're the only ones entitled to happiness and prosperity in America... understand that to keep YOU from getting it, they must vote for those who speak to their agenda.

Make no mistake they will be at the poles.  Make no mistake they will be praying that YOU continue to watch things happen.  They understand that there are millions of dummies out there saying..."my vote doesn't count." Which is exactly why they are going to be doing the opposite and turning out in huge numbers to vote.  They would love nothing more than to prove, that it's not your vote that don't count, it's YOU that don't count.

Question.  If your vote didn't mean anything, why has the other side had record voter registration?  If your vote wasn't so powerful, why is the other side turning out to vote in record numbers?  Simple.  They know they are out numbered.  They understand that if we ever wake-up and realize how powerful we are... it's all over.  They understand that if WE THE PEOPLE go exercise our right as Americans and vote, we can silence all the TALK.

So what side are you on?  You have to choose.  Cause if you don't choose, you really don't count.  No matter what, we are all in this together.  We will all suffer if we don't stand together.  It is not enough to be registered to vote, YOU MUST GO VOTE.

In spite of all that is at stake, fewer Democrats have voted this year than ever. Democratic turnout has dropped 37% in eight out of the 16 states that have held primaries or caucuses so far.  That's a damn shame.  The good news is if you or someone you know didn't vote, you have an opportunity to redeem yourself.  You have an opportunity to show your children, your family, your community and yourself that you do count.  Most importantly YOU can prove all the naysayers wrong.

If you are not registered to vote, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO REGISTER BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION, which is the 2016 Presidential General Election on November 8! This is where people can vote for the candidate of their choice, no-matter what their political party.  This is a super serious and critical election.  The deadline to register is October 11, 2016.

Click here and register to vote right now. If you are a college student and going to school out of the state click here for your voting information.  If you are in the military, elderly, handicap, moved within the state or want to apply for a ballot to be mailed to your home (absentee ballot) click here for all the details.  For more details on the election, questions concerning your voter registration and more, click here.

To many people paid the price for you to have the right to vote.  They did it because they knew how much power it has.  It is important for every last one of you to understand that those who were willing to kill people to stop them from voting, know the power our vote gives us as well.


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