The weekend is going to be off to a great start in Lake Charles. It's the return of the First Friday mix, going down today at 5:00pm. I will have the line up of some of my favorite DJ friends who will be doing their thing today and going all the way until midnight tonight.

Check out the lineup of my super friends who will make sure you feel like you're in the club while listening from your car or even in the crib on any mobile device.

  • 5:00pm: GO DJ Big Tyma
  • 6:00pm: DJ Hot Sauce
  • 7:00pm: Fleet DJ D Slick
  • 8:00pm: Fleet DJ Butta
  • 9:00pm: DJ Joe Young
  • 10:00pm: DJ Rozay
  • 11:00pm: GO DJ Big Boy Chill

Don't miss the party, and make sure you spread the word for the biggest party on the radio. Also, be on the lookout for Labor Day, as we will celebrate for everyone on the radio. More details are coming soon.

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