So have you been here long enough to get some of that great tasting boudin. How about a daiquiri for one of our many drive through spots? Maybe try one of our local eateries here in Lake Charles. If these are some things that interest you, then you should be in attendance to the SW welcoming event tomorrow night.


The event is geared to inviting the new family members to the area and disclosing information that should be of interest to them. This includes shopping information, home living, food spots, night spots and so much more.


It will be at the Central Library on the 2nd floor located at 301 West Claude Street in Lake Charles kicking off at 5:30 pm and going until 7 pm. The event will include food, wine and so much more. Make sure you get out there and check it out, whether you have been here for two months or two years. We will also be out there on hand as well, so come by and say hello.