Seems Dr. Dre had a bit of a run in with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, July 26, when he was cuffed and searched outside of his Malibu home, following an alleged road rage incident involving a man who was blocking his driveway.

According to TMZ, as Dr. Dre was pulling into his driveway a motorist stopped in front of his home, but when the “Chronic” rapper asked him to move he was cursed out. Dre pulled out his phone to record as the man was yelling, and that’s when the driver allegedly said “Here we go again, another black guy with a gun.”

A call was made to 911 where the driver said someone pulled a gun on him. When deputes arrived Dr. Dre was put into handcuffs and searched, but no gun was found and he was let go with no arrest.

The irate driver reportedly insisted on making a citizen’s arrest, and filled a report to detail his allegations, said the gossip blog. The Sheriff Department will forward the report to the District Attorney to determine if there is a case.


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