Today in Tha Wire Dr. Dre's being sued for copyright infringement and as Ludacris and his wife announce their expecting, baby mama drama is brewing.

(Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for BET)
(Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for BET)

According to Jet Magazine, 70s soul singer Prince Phillip Mitchell is suing Dr. Dre over the N.W.A. movie Straight Outta Compton and taking him and others straight to court. Mitchell is suing for $6 million in damages, alleging Dre and MC Ren used a sample of his '77 classic "Star in the Ghetto" for their track "If It Ain't Ruff" in 1989.

So you'll know Mitchell's version was a sample too.  Learn more about who originally performed the song and how the singer went about getting it.  In the meantime, Mitchell says he sent an infringement notice, but Dr. Dre and Universal Pictures proceeded to use the song in the movie anyway.  For more details read the full lawsuit docs, check out this exclusive report at

Listen to both songs below and let us know if you think he's got a case.

Prince Phillip Mitchell has also named Ice Cube, Matt Alvarez, Eazy E's window Tomica Woods-Wright, and Will Packer in his suit.  Meanwhile, the F. Gary Gray-directed Straight Outta Compton will be in theaters this summer.

Finally, congrats to Ludacris and his new wife Eudoxie.  TheBoomBox reports two tied the knot in December and now the newlyweds are expecting and getting ready to welcome the newest member to the Bridges clan.

During a recent vacation the happy couple sent out a couple of Instagrams from paradise revealing the good news.  One pic features Eudoxie sporting a baby bump, while in another she celebrates her body changing.  She wrote, “Beautiful day on the beach.” #theperksofpregnancy #everythinggrows #pleaseboobsstayafterbaby lol.”

This will be the couple’s first child together and Ludas third.  The rapper/actor has two daughters: Karma, 14 and Cali, 1.  Hopefully three is a charm and Eudoxie can add a Chris Jr. to the mix.

Meanwhile Luda's good news is bittersweet as the mother of his one year old, Tamika Fuller, is fighting to get her daughter back.  Listen to Tha Wie below for more details on that on all of the above.  Plus find out what celebs are celebrating birthdays today!

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