There were alot of folks mourning over the weekend at the passing of Healer Dr. Sebi. There are plenty of videos and books provided by this man. Those who believe in healing in the natural form have looked up to this man for decades. He claimed to have the cure for AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and more. Obviously I don't know anyone who has been cured, but there are plenty of people who claimed that they have been relieved of those ailments and Dr. Sebi is the reason why.

We all know that the government would not want something like this to be at all possible. How on earth can a man who is not a real doctor be able to cure folks of diseases that statistics and even medical professionals say don't exist. Check out this classic video where he talks about his life and the time he was arrested in 1987 over his claims to cure these diseases.


Whether you are a believer or not. He was someone who over the years gained alot of attention across the world and there are plenty of folks who supported his cause. R.I.P to Dr Sebi and may you live on in spirit.

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