March is Women's History Month and a moment to acknowledge and discover the female pioneers in history who changed the world. Emeline King made automotive history by becoming the first Black woman to design cars for the iconic Ford Motor Company in 1983. This was no easy feat for any woman to achieve in the male-dominated auto industry.


The transportation designer worked for Ford for more than 25-years and is best known for designing the interior for the award-winning 1994 Ford Mustang! King is one of many pioneering women who've made significant contributions and helped to reshape the landscape of transportation for the better. Learn how the Detroit native turned the auto industry upside down in her Autobiography, "What Do You Mean A Black Girl Can't Design Cars? Emeline King, She Did It!"

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Emeline King is a trailblazer and a testament that little girls can do anything thing they put their minds to. In fact, in addition to the Ford Mustang King helped to design the wheel program for the 1989 Thunderbird, the 2000 Thunderbird, as well as a host of other cars in Europe. The apple doesn't fall far from the trees as her father, Earnest King, was a fabrication specialist at Ford. One year Mr. King took his daughter to the design center where Ford was hosting its company Christmas party. Little did he know that moment would have a lasting effect on his little girl's life.

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