I am a man who loves my chicken and when it comes to wings. I literally will try every wing spot in different cities just to see who's got the best flavors. However, if you are here in Lake Charles. There are a few spots you should consider trying out for yourself. I want to give honorable mentions to two other locations that I love when it comes to great food and while one doesn't sell Buffalo Wings, I would love to recommend that they start.

That would be Ball's Fried Chicken and House Of Soul. Both of these places are great. Unfortunately due to the hurricanes, they aren't currently open at the time. So let me drop five spots that are open and will hook you up if you have a craving for some great tasting wings.

While we are being cautious about the way that we are moving around, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your wing fix by any means necessary. One thing I always tell people about Lake Charles is that you will never have a shortage of great places to eat and enjoy here. While this is my top five, give me some of your recommendations of places you like.



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