Regardless of how cool you may want to be, many would have to admit they may have an ex they may not claim or even remember. What would you do if you are getting married and, during the ceremony, an ex pops up out the blue and causes a ruckus by calling you out? This is exactly what happened with this man who was getting married, and his child's mother obviously was mislead into thinking they were still a thing.

This is not a funny moment and obviously makes the young lady look bad and ruins the day of the beautiful bride. Check out the clip below.

I don't know exactly where this was, but I am disappointed. However, I will play devil's advocate and ask, what if he was still leading her on into thinking they had a chance? Or maybe he told her it was over, but she was just unwilling to accept it. Regardless of the situation, let's take this as a lesson and work on making ourselves happy and not relying on someone else to do it. We need to also maintain honesty with each other in order to prevent any future confusion.

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