Yesterday was Father's Day. After a fairly long start of my weekend with a remote on Friday and two on Saturday. All I was looking forward to was a nice relaxing time with my family. I was awakened by my wife yesterday with a gift bag. Once I opened it, I was gifted a couple of new outfits just in time for the summer.

My wife knows that I rarely wear shorts due to my work, but with the hot summer we are anticipating and the amount of remotes that will be coming our way, sShe gifted me with a few sets of shorts so I am not out there sweating and potentially making myself sick. But the big surprise was still waiting for me in the living room. I had mentioned to my wife that I wanted a bicycle. I have been pretty consistent on my weight loss journey since January, and I figured this would really boost me up some.

When I went it to the room, there it was. I was standing there with my mouth opened as I honestly wasn't expecting it. This is going to really help me clear my mind and get some of that outside reality and air that could help me out on my mission. Overall, I had a wonderful day that was rounded out with one of my favorite dishes: lasagna. While my ultimate gift is that of my son and being able to be around him and watching him grow into a mature adult, it felt nice receiving a few things to make the day even more special.

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