While some actresses would shy away from letting their line deliveries get emotional enough that their spit and snot practically flies at the camera, Viola Davis is not some actresses. If you feel like you’ve heard the word “Oscar” more than enough when it comes to Davis and Denzel Washington’s Fences, get ready to hear it one more time: Viola. Davis. Is. Going. To. Win. Best. Actress. This. Year.

That’s certainly what she deserves after just this one small bit of the movie, which sees her Rose Maxson squaring up against her husband Troy after he bemoans the rut he’s been stuck in for eighteen years. “I’ve been standing with you!” she replies. If Troy thinks he got the short end of the stick, he should consider his wife and what she had to give up for her family too. And your heart just shatters when her voice cracks on the last line, “What about me!?”

Compare this clip to her delivery in the stage version, which is a lot more physical but no less jarring. Her performance of the monologue is so raw, the audience starts clapping even before she’s done.

What’s cool about these movies-that-were-originally-plays like Into the Woods and Les Miserables and Fences is that they allow you to get way up close to the stars and to see the expressions play across their faces. Both Davis and Washington won Tonys for their performances in the play revival, and in the film you can see exactly why. Their power and their emotionality transfer perfectly from stage to screen, even in a small clip like this.

Fences opens in theaters December 25.

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